To what extent does your business offer a positive customer experience?

Why does the customer contact the company or vice versa?

How easily does the customer get the information they are looking for?

What are the channels through which you communicate with the customer?

How long does it take until he gets the information/service you offer him?

How does he feel after the communication is complete?

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Improving the customer experience can increase a company’s revenue by up to 70% over a three-year horizon

Contact Center. The point of first contact with the customer for:

Providing information,

Technical assistance,

Help Desk,

Sales support,



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But at what cost in material and immaterial resources does your company provide customer experience?

Conditions and needs are constantly changing. After all, we saw it with the pandemic. Developing and operating an Inhouse Contact Center requires commitment of human resources, capital in fixed equipment and continuous training.


An estimated $98 billion in revenue is lost annually to businesses that fail to engage with their customers.

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Digicall is the company that provides integrated and efficient contact center services.

With fees that correspond to the value of the service. No hidden costs and pricing surprises..

But outsourcing the contact center? Even though it’s so important to my business?

Yes, because you save capital, release material and immaterial resources and get rid of the obligation of continuous training of service personnel. Digicall takes care of these.

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80% of customers say that the experience of communicating with a company is as important as its products or services

Digicall is where your business makes first contact with its customers, with a range of services:

Inbound and Outbound Multichannel Contact Center services, as well as HR Outsourcing service, which cover a wide range of needs of your business, such as:

Customer service

Promotion of products and services

Product sales via website

Development of databases with customer information

Advertising campaign support

Technical assistance

Consumer information

Creating clientele

Orders Management

Complaints management and registration


Market Research

Support politicians

71% of customers recommend a product or service to friends because they had a positive experience with the company.

Because you never get a second chance to change a first impression, contact us now:

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e: call [at] digicall [dot] gr
Phone: +30 215 5003390
Address:  58, Syntagmatarchou  Davaki Str., Kallithea 17672
or fill out the relevant form so that we can contact you.

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If you are a telephone customer service representative or interested in the prospect of working in this rapidly growing business sector, you have come to the right place.

Digicall AE, one of the rapidly growing CONTACT CENTERs based in Kallithea Attica, is looking for 4-hour, 5-hour or 6-hour telephone customer service representatives. The position is not related to sales.

Position Responsibilities:

Reception and service of incoming calls, concerning:
Ordering products
Secretarial support – data entry

We offer:

Monthly salary with insurance
Continuous and modern education
Pleasant and friendly work environment
Development prospects in a reliable and constantly growing organization
Easy access (near Kallithea metro)

We request:

Mainly willingness to cooperate
Good communication skills
Computer knowledge and use
Ability to work 24/7 rolling shift hours

Apply now here!

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At Digicall SA we are constantly looking for employees to fill the jobs created by our dynamic growth

The continuous improvement of the quality of our services is aimed not only at the satisfaction of our customers but also at the development and satisfaction of our employees themselves. For us at Digicall, people are at the center. That’s why we hire dynamic people, with talent and willingness to work in an evolving, friendly and collegial environment.

If you think you belong to the category of people we are looking for, do not hesitate to fill out the form below. If you would like to see a detailed description of the jobs we offer, please follow this link.

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Communication is our specialty. Please complete the contact form after reading the privacy policy and terms of use.

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Digicall AE
58, Davakis Col. Str
17672, Kallithea

Τ: +30 215 5003390
e: call [at] digicall [dot] gr

Business Registry: 140469501000


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